Polska Wersja English Version


We are pleased to inform that our new Polish online directory

is now LIVE!

Polish version offers the wide range of information regarding:

Covid-19 / Brexit / Finances / Work / Housing / Homelessness / Domestic abuse 
Addiction / Co-dependency / Family and Parenting / Health / Law and criminal matters

POL ANGLIA - ENGLISH VERSION - is a a brief description of the content in Polish.

We will also include Polish organisations, projects and Polish community groups  in the future

The FAMILIA Help Center was closed on 16/10/2020

Please be advised that we are changing the form of providing support and information to the Polish community.

Our helpline (Tel. 07809904386) and email contact have been closed. They were replaced by a new project – the online directory - POL Anglia.


We would like to thank all the professionals, organisations and volunteers who have supported our FAMILIA Center for the last four years. Our help reached several thousand people during the four years of the FAMILIA Center's operation. We indirectly helped Poles through cooperation with other organisations. This is not the end, but the beginning of the next chapter of our support for those in need.


Centrum Pomocy Familia - was the flagship project of the Poles in Need CIC organisation established in October 2016. The main task of the project was to provide support and information to Polish families as well as individuals in England and Wales. During the consultations, our clients received crisis interventions and information on the operation of the British system (social welfare, health care, family law).


Obtaining help and information during the Center's duty hours was possible thanks to the donors and the main funders: